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Pressure Washing Commercial Retail Parking Lot


The first thing that a customer sees after trying to enter any establishment is the building and its sign. The second thing that they look for is a parking lot. So before a potential customer even walks inside the business establishment, they are greeted by your parking lot. All customers pull up in your parking lot to have a safe place for their vehicles while they shop for goods and services. 

Now you may have an outstanding reputation and excellent sales teams. But the first impression is always essential. So if a customer enters a parking lot and sees the area blackened with sticky oils, gums, or debris, they are likely to think twice before investing in your venture.

Sweeping is the first step of the first step.

Sweeping is a crucial step, but it is not the only process to clean out the pavement. Sweeping removes the bigger debris, like polyethylene, bags, stones, and dirt. So it is like prepping the surface for the actual cleaning. 

After sweeping the bigger debris off, you need to sweep again to get rid of the smaller dirt particles. Once that has been accomplished, you need to wash the area with water. And then you need to rewash it with soap, this time to get rid of the oil-based particles. 

Finally, you need to clean the whole area to remove gums, tar, and other sticky substances that the water couldn’t remove. The entire process ends up being more time and energy-consuming than any business can devote. Sure, it is essential to increasing your reachability, but it cannot be the sole focus of your resources.

But what if you can do all of this in a single step?

Pressure Washing- The only good type of pressure

Pressure washing releases a jet of water or fluid at very high velocities. The pressure of the water washes off everything, including dust, dirt, oil, tar, and gum. The pressure can be varied as per your needs. Additionally, water is a non-reactive substance. This allows you to freely wash all kinds of items without worrying about the degrading quality of the liquid. 

Oil and oil-based contaminants blacken the ground and build up in layers. The water pressure rinses everything right off and down the drain. However, it is not necessary to do this every day. Having pressure washing done once a fortnight can bring a considerable uplift and improvement to your establishment’s overall aesthetic and aura.

How can we help?

We help you by pressure washing your premises on your behalf. You don’t need to personally buy or rent the different machines required or to learn the skills. Just hire our highly talented and hard-working workforce, and we will get to work with our top-of-the-line appliances, leaving no stone unturned.

Pressure Washing Restaurant Commercial Space Cleaning


Imagine this: you have a quaint little restaurant set up at the best possible location in the square, a stellar kitchen crew, and outstanding service. However, if chef Ramsey did ever visit, there might be a couple of things he’d point out that you’d instead get taken care of with pressure washing.

An Extra Net of Safety

Over time, a professional kitchen tends to accumulate grease in places not very reachable on your run-of-the-mill service days. While wiping down the countertops is a force of habit, we often tend to neglect the crevices and spaces between the walls and appliances. Pressure washing comes in with variable pressures and temperatures. It even reaches and removes the toughest of stains and moldy growths in the areas.


Pressure washing also helps keep away pesky insect and critter growths. The most astonishing thing about pressure washing is that you clean off the pheromones that the previous season of bugs may have left behind in your restaurant. So if you get wasps or hornets nests or you get nasty spiders, webbing all-around pressure washing will clean the slate. It will also clean areas we generally tend not to notice, such as dumpsters, fences, entrances, and so forth.

Bacteria? Back to their area

Restaurants (regardless of the pandemic) generally tend to have considerable foot traffic and multiple exterior surfaces. This can potentially be a battleground for bacteria. Pressure washing in this scenario is a necessary and practical solution. This is because the heated water and specially formulated surface cleaners ensure that your establishment is picture-perfect even during service hours.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

The best part about pressure washing is that while it may seem like a huge investment right now, it’s going to save your restaurant big-bucks in the long run. As we all know, dirt buildup is inevitable. The last thing you’d want customers to see when they walk into your establishment is the dust-caked wall, which can be an instant revenue sink. Also, dust is very abrasive. If left uncleaned over a long period, it causes you to shell out a pretty penny in maintenance and service charges over the years to come. Additionally, the damage will cost your restaurant’s surfaces massively.

How can we help?

The company that you hire for your pressure washing needs must be skilled enough to deal with the various types of critters, dirt, and bacteria. Additionally, pressure washing is all about efficiency and time. So, you need to look for a brand that offers high reliability and efficiency within the required time. And we happen to be experts in both. Our skilled technicians will ensure that your premises get pressure washed as quickly as possible. We carry the latest array of top-of-the-line machines that helps reduce cleaning time and increase output efficiency.